Current projects

KMess - Live Messenger for Linux
KMess allows Linux users to chat with friends who use Live Messenger in Windows or Mac OS. I've coded the chat themes, picture, emoticon, wink and filetransfer, nudges and offline messages.


Some software I've written in the past.

The X-Forum bulletin board is a free bulletin board, written in Perl. It can be used for every kind of website, even small web sites without database support.
A puzzle game I've written in 2001, using Visual Basic.
Visual Basic examples using the Windows API
A set of Visual Basic applications demonstrating Windows API features. The source code is included with each example.
Windows DLL files for richer Visual Basic applications
A set of DLL files giving your Visual Basic application much more power. These DLLs use the Windows API for better toolbars, menu's and graphics support.