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Git explained by example.

Other tutorials

Official documentation
The official documentation at the Git web site.
Git community book
Clear tutorial without much fluff.
Pro Git
Git from A-Z in online book form.
Git ready
An alternative online book convering various specific subjects.
The GitHub Guides
Guides on a variety of Git and GitHub related topics.
Pragmatic Version Control Using Git
A thorough description of Git, with every bit explained.
A Visual Git Reference
A visual reference how most git commands work. Once you know a bit about how git works, this site may solidify your understanding.
Git from the bottom up
Explaining Git by starting from the basic storage concepts.


Linus: rules for rebase
The rationale for rebase, and why to rebase private commits only.
Linux: Documenting How Patches Reach The Kernel
The purpose of the --signoff option in git.
A successful Git branching model
A neat way to keep your repository better organized, and allow quick releases.


Git: The Lean, Mean, Distributed Machine - Chris Wanstrath
A neat introduction to the Git way of life.
Advanced Git Tutorial - by Sarah Sharp
A quick overview of basic Git commands, followed by advanced topics.
Smacking Git Around - Scott Chacon
Advanced Git Tricks: Revision selection, rewriting history, patch staging, blame, bisect, custom merge tools
Getting Git - Scott Chacon
Really advanced stuff; storage internals. Followed by a nice overview of branches, workflows, rebasing, referencing commits and 19 common commands.

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